Reverse Engineering MacWars

MacWar’s title screen. The icons were actually stored as custom font characters in the system file.

0: movq.b 0, d0 #set register d0 to 0
16: movq.b $20,d1 #set register d1 to 32
32: cmp.b d0,d1 #compare registers d0 and d1
48: bgt pc+$40 #if d0>d1, then skip 64 bytes ahead
64: _sysbeep #call the system trap to make a beep
80: addq.b 1,d0 #add 1 to register d0
96: jmp pc-$40 #jump back 64 bytes

while (i≤32) {
i = i + 1;

Just fly around randomly; eventually one will find the enemy space station… or decrypted code routine, whatever.
Prepare to enter the tunnels…of encryption!
The enemy space station. Maybe the final encryption key is somewhere inside?
The application was decrypted, revealing the ‘core’ of the anti-piracy routines.
Enemy space station go boom. The galaxy is now safe for vintage gamers.




Geek from the Oregon Trail generation

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Don Barber

Don Barber

Geek from the Oregon Trail generation

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